Next Mission

Rocket launch !

weather permitting...

Sunday June 4th 

meet at our launch site at 2:00pm

…not at our home please

its where we lauch every year

…the weather has been wet recently and the field very muddy and slippery, unsafe for launching

The Ferris family is allowing us to launch our rockets on that one day only, after that the field is for growing their corn only, not walking on the field

…so lets hope for good weather on that day 

…I will decide the night before ( Saturday night) by checking with the weathewr channel if the conditions are suitable for launching in Newmarket…and then I will email you all…whether its a “GO” or “not GO"

…I will have 3 mini Estees rockets to launch to approx 100 feet in altitude…

the location is as follows:

its on the north side of Green Lane between Bathurst on the west and Yonge st on the east…halfway between Bathurst and Yonge...

on the north side of Green Lane are farm fields and on the south side are houses

…so you will see my blue Matrix parked on the north side of Green Lane…there is a small dirt road there that you can turn onto so you are off of Green Lane…there is room there for about six cars…otherwise park on the north side of Green lane…just be careful of traffic, then walk to the only tree in the middle of that field about 150 yards from the road…that is our launch site…

good luck and hope for clear skies and low winds