Astronuts kids space club

a very-fun space club where 

elementary school kids get to learn about

“all things space”…

we have 8 “missions” per year…2 hrs/ mission

…4 are held at NewMakeit in Newmarket

and the other 4 missions are field trips.

…attendance is by registration only


AstroNuts Kids space club is a 

not-for profit…

ontario corporation  #1981803

created by Ray Bielecki BSc.

*NASA 2017 SEEC & NASA 2018 SEEC

Space Educators Exploration Conferences

Johnson Space Centre

Houston, Texas USA

*NASA 2017 SAE

Space Academy for Educators space camp

U.S. Space & Rocket Centre

Huntsville, Alabama USA


AstroNuts Space Odyssey 

was an epic success!

September 30th 2017...

please click this link to read the story...

astronuts balloon spot jpeg


I am thrilled and honored to have received

 the  Right Stuff medal

from the NASA Space Camp at the Space and Rocket Centre

in Huntsville Alabama



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